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  • ATM debit card fraud skimming machine

    Tips for Protecting Against Debit Card Fraud

    Prevent Debit Card Fraud   Debit card fraud can be a nightmare to deal with, but is preventable. While it’s great to have the convenience of being able to just swipe a card to pay for things it’s more important than ever to know how […]

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  • Track your spending with a spreadsheet

    Track Your Spending to Know Where Money Goes

    Continuing our series “Ten Smart Money Management Tips” and going hand-in-hand with our last post on getting organized, now we are going to discuss techniques to track your spending. Seeing exactly where your money goes will help identify areas where spending can be reduced. Then that […]

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  • Get organized

    Get Organized to be Financially Successful

    Several weeks ago we started a series “Ten Smart Money Management Steps” and step number one was getting organized. It just stands to reason if you have a big messy pile of unopened bills and statements then you probably don’t know where your money is […]

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  • Car Financing tips - ILWU Credit Union

    Financing Tips to Make Sure a New Vehicle is in Your Future

    It’s the one thing I’ve never been able to understand, why is buying a new car or truck so hard? If you’re like me just the thought of “window shopping” fills you with a sense of dread. The pushy salesmen, the haggling back and forth […]

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  • Ten money tips - ILWU Credit Union

    Ten Smart Money Management Tips

    You work hard for your money, and it’s easy to assume that work and your paycheck are always going to be there, unfortunately none of us know exactly what the future holds. This article is the first in an upcoming series where we’ll discuss saving options, […]

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  • Tax audit tips - ILWU Credit Union

    Avoid a Tax Audit – Seven Tips to Possibly Keep the IRS Away

    Nothing causes that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach faster than opening the mailbox and seeing a tax audit letter from the IRS. And now that we are in the middle of tax filing season, follow these seven simple tips to lessen the […]

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  • Here’s A Quick Guide To Selling, Swapping, Buying And Renting Textbooks – as featured in the Business Insider

    In this Business Insider article, discover the best websites for buying, renting, selling and swapping college textbooks. If you’re not in school, feel free to share this guide with a college student in your group of family or friends. Happy textbook hunting! To rent textbooks, […]

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  • 2.50% Rebate with a ILWU Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

    Clean up your finances and receive some extra cash with an ILWU Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card. The card comes with a standard rate of 9.95% APR* and when you transfer any balances, you receive a nice rebate – 2.50% of the balance transfered.  The rebate […]

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  • Credit Card Quick Tips

    Repairing or maintaining your credit doesn’t have to be a pain. Take baby steps and start by looking at your credit card debt. Check out a few credit card quick tips below and put in the little bit of work to improve your credit score. […]

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