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    How to Eliminate the Heavy Debt

    We covered a few steps to take before diving into your debt in our previous blog post. Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of things. We hope all of you are ready. Look at what you owe Compile your most recent credit...

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    The First Do’s for Eliminating Debt

    Every year we promise ourselves to be financially savvier and smarter than the previous. We’ve all had the hard talk with ourselves “I’m going to be good, I’m going to stop using my credit card or debit card so much”, ¬†or in my case, “I’ll...

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    7 Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep – as featured in AOL’s DailyFinance

    Are you hoping to put your finances in order this year? Well, read on to learn about a few financial new year’s resolutions to give 2012 a prosperous jumpstart. Click here to read the entire article.¬†Sheryl Nance-Nash reports, 12/29/2011.

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    Our Goals for 2012

    Every new year, we resolve to do more yet only a small percentage of individuals actually keep their new year’s resolutions. Businesses have resolutions too, but we call them by different names – goals, plans, projects, enhancements. These apply (or should) to everything within a...

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    Here Are 5 Things To Put On Your End-Of-Year Checklist – as featured in the Business Insider

    Start the new year right with these few tips which include everything from reserving that New Year’s Eve dinner to canceling month-to-month subscriptions. Let’s make 2012 a better financial year. Read the entire article here, 12/27/2011.

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