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    What the Word “Member” Means to Us?

    Among the many things that makes ILWU Credit Union different from the big banks is a minor detail that happens to be a big deal for us – the word “member”. We don’t refer to our customers as just “customers”, we call them members. And...

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    Why Credit Unions Matter – as featured in the Huffington Post

    Credit unions cater to about 90 million Americans and provide substantial benefits to local communities and their economies. And yet unlike commercial banks, credit unions do not have access to external capital (e.g. stocks). Additional capital could help accelerate the credit union industry. The Capital...

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    Credit Unions Boom As Big Banks Grasp At New Fees – as featured in the Huffington Post

    More customers switched over to credit unions as a result of new bank fees, frustrations with Wall Street and Bank Transfer Day. Now, Bank of America is testing new monthly fees ranging from $6 to $9, and in some cases, this fee may reach $25....

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    Move Your Money: A Quick How-to

    Would you like to move your money to the ILWU Credit Union? Well, here’s a few steps you can take to make the process much easier. First, don’t close out your existing bank account(s) right away. You may have pending payments (via Bill Pay or automatic payments), so...

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    Survey: Americans Will Pull $185 Billion Out of Big Banks Next Year – as featured in TIME Moneyland

    A new survey conducted by the consulting firm cg42 shows general public dissatisfaction with the big banks. How much exactly? It is estimated that big bank customers will withdraw $185 billion in funds in 2012, “and a total of $399 billion is ‘in jeopardy,’ meaning...

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    Will You Move Your Money?

    The “Move Your Money” project was created and launched by Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. The project encourages people to move their money out of the big banks and into locally-owned community banks and credit unions. Over the past four weeks, it is...

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