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  • TWG Oct 18.20- IndyCar

    The Weekend Guide: October 18 – 20, 2013

    Will it be cool this weekend or will the HOTness stick around for a bit longer? Look at the weather forecast and make some great plans in SoCal for you and the family this weekend. Fun time activities happening include: IndyCar events, a Spooky Night […]

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  • The Weekend Guide - Knotts Farm - blog

    The Weekend Guide: October 4 – 6, 2013

    We’re into the last quarter of the year and Fall is definitely here! It’s been a bit chilly this week, but the weekend is going to warm up nicely. Take a look at the weather forecast below and make some great plans for this weekend. […]

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  • Personal Finance Manager PFM

    Personal Finance Manager – What Can One Do For You?

    Have a personal finance manager wherever you go. I’m sure the majority of you have smart phones at this point and isn’t it wonderful to have all your contacts, games, social networking sites and all kinds of other applications that you just can’t live without […]

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  • TWG - Boxing - Sept 29, 2013

    The Weekend Guide: Sept 27 – 29, 2013

    You can almost feel the briskness in the air. The only thing we are missing are leaves turning bright colors and falling off the trees. It’s officially Fall so when the college football games are over have something fun planned for the significant other who […]

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  • TWG Flugtag blog

    The Weekend Guide: Sept. 20 – 22, 2013

    Finally, the humidity has cleared out and the temps are back where they should be for Southern California in September. It practically feels like Fall and there is a lot to do this weekend. Get out with someone you care about and do something FUN! […]

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  • Friday The 13th

    The Weekend Guide: Sept. 13 – 15, 2013

    Whoa! Where has this week gone?!? Time is flying by, the days are getting shorter and it’s time again to enjoy something over the WEEKEND. Whether it’s having quality time with a spouse or entertaining the kids or just hanging with your friends, be sure […]

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  • Reduced Port volume means reduced income for Longshoreman

    Do You Have a Plan if You Find Yourself with a Reduced Income?

    Reduced income for Longshoreman is a possibility this year. A recent article in MarineLink.com discussed how June 2013 cargo volumes here at the Port of Los Angeles decreased over seven percent from June 2012. A Port spokesman believes the same amount of cargo is being […]

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  • Lobster festival Long Beach

    The Weekend Guide: Sept. 6 – 8, 2013

    You know what tomorrow is!?! It’s the day before the WEEKEND!  Make sure that your weekend time is enjoyable and spent doing things that you know are fun and enjoyable. Use your Weekend Guide to find something worth doing in the Long Beach, San Pedro and surrounding […]

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  • money and marriage

    Money and Marriage can be a Challenge to Couples

    Money and Marriage   Money and marriage can be a challenge. Statistics show that money woes are one of the top reasons for problems in a relationship or marriage. That’s why it so important before you tie the knot to sit down with your partner […]

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