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  • be-merry

    Be Merry: 2011 Holiday Guide

    The extra chilly nights, the 60 and low 70 degree weather while the palm trees continue to sway – this can only mean one thing for us Californians, the holidays are here! In order to make things a little brighter and merrier, here’s a quick...

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    Use Your Credit Card and Win $250 Cash

    Special Promotion Time! With Christmas just 17 days away, you have little time to worry about credit cards and interest rates – please allow us to help! Look into the ILWU Credit Union Visa Platinum, the credit card specifically designed for you, our members. During...

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  • 8-credit-card-tips-you-need-to-know

    Credit or DEBT? Choose to Shop Smart

    Let’s talk about credit cards. Yeah, we know… it’s a love/hate relationship, especially during the holidays. It’s so tempting and easy to get caught up in charging all or most seasonal expenses. You’ll pay the credit card off later right? A new¬†report states that Americans...

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  • ILWU-black-friday-2011guide

    Our Black Friday 2011 Guide

    As the holiday crunch approaches everyone is looking for more ways to stretch their dollar and save. And with Black Friday ads already displayed throughout the public and internet, we figured it would be a good idea gather and compile some helpful information for you. First,...

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