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    2.50% Rebate with a ILWU Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

    Clean up your finances and receive some extra cash with an ILWU Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card. The card comes with a standard rate of 9.95% APR* and when you transfer any balances, you receive a nice rebate – 2.50% of the balance transfered.  The rebate...

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  • IMG_1038

    Giving Back: Our Donation to the Harry Bridges Span School

    We are thrilled to welcome and donate to our new neighbor in the South Bay – the Harry Bridges Span School (1235 Broad Ave., Wilmington, CA 90744). The new school was built to relieve the over-crowding in the local region. We toured the new campus last week and...

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  • 2014-contract-security-account

    Move Your Money: A Quick How-to

    Would you like to move your money to the ILWU Credit Union? Well, here’s a few steps you can take to make the process much easier. First, don’t close out your existing bank account(s) right away. You may have pending payments (via Bill Pay or automatic payments), so...

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  • buying-a-new-vehicle

    Buying a New Car: 7 Quick Tips

    Are you thinking of purchasing a new car or looking to attend our VIP Auto Event? If you’re answered yes to either of these questions, read on and check out a few tips to help you before and during your next vehicle purchase. Buy what...

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  • ilwucu-vip-auto-event

    ILWU Credit Union VIP Auto Event

    It’s baaaaaack! We’re prepping for another VIP Auto Event, exclusively for all ILWU Credit Union members. We’re taking our lending department, marketing team and other staff members to Harbor Chevrolet so that you may receive a great deal and rate on your next new vehicle....

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  • all-about-ilwucu-atms

    Answers and Reminders: ATMs

    Back in December, we asked our Facebook community one simple question: “How we can make the ILWU Credit Union better for you?” Plenty of great comments were received – a BIG thanks to all who participated. In order to address some of the main comments and issues, we’ve created...

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  • ilwucu-is-looking-out-for-me-testimonial

    iProtect Testimonial: ‘Thank you ILWU Credit Union’

    The following blog post is a written account from a ILWU Credit Union member and iProtect customer. To respect the individual’s privacy, we have omitted their name from the post.  Late last year, I became a victim of burglary. My home was ransacked and to...

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    How to Eliminate the Heavy Debt

    We covered a few steps to take before diving into your debt in our previous blog post. Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of things. We hope all of you are ready. Look at what you owe Compile your most recent credit...

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    Our Goals for 2012

    Every new year, we resolve to do more yet only a small percentage of individuals actually keep their new year’s resolutions. Businesses have resolutions too, but we call them by different names – goals, plans, projects, enhancements. These apply (or should) to everything within a...

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