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    Bank of America Closed a Bunch of ATMs This Year – as featured in TIME Moneyland

    Bank of America has eliminated nearly 9% of its ATMs around the country. In the past year, the bank shut down 1,600 of its ATM machines. Most of the machines were located in Valero gas stations and in malls owned by Simon Property Group. According...

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    10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    In our previous post, we talked about iProtect – an identity protection service available to our members and their families. In the event of identity theft, iProtect is there to assist you through the entire process – from beginning to end. However, there are many...

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    The First Do’s for Eliminating Debt

    Every year we promise ourselves to be financially savvier and smarter than the previous. We’ve all had the hard talk with ourselves “I’m going to be good, I’m going to stop using my credit card or debit card so much”,  or in my case, “I’ll...

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    Money-Saving Holiday Tips: Part 1

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner – Christmas is 40 days away (from today), but who’s counting? For many, it’s the season of excitement and added stress – holidays plans, trips, shopping and spending. A majority of us forget to keep our wallets...

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    Bank of America’s New Debit Card Fee – as featured in the CNN Newsroom

    Bank of America is introducing $5 debit card fees, and other major banks may follow soon. Clyde Anderson, CNN Financial Contributor, explains the reason for the major change and why people may soon take their business to community-based financial institutions like credit unions. Will you...

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    Debit Card and Usage Fees: Where We Stand

    What has your bank done for you lately? The answer alone is an unsettling one for many typical bank customers. As a company and credit union, we understand the recent frustrations expressed by the general population concerning bank fees. We sympathize. Why? Because we do...

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