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    Why Reviewing Your Credit Report Is So Important

    Recently there was a big news story concerning a lady who won an 18 million dollar settlement from Equifax, one of the nation’s big three credit reporting services. She had numerous errors listed on her credit report simply because Equifax had her report mixed up […]

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    Credit Score Basics

    This week our Ten Smart Money Management Tips topic is the importance of knowing your credit score. These days credit scores determine what you pay for almost everything. And unfortunately, just like everything else, mistakes happen and when you couple that with the ever increasing identity theft […]

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  • Buying a Home? Get Your FICO Score

    When it comes to real-estate (on the consumer side), there exists two groups: the rookies and the veterans. Simply stated, those who are new to the home purchasing process and those who have gone through it. Both groups will tell you the same thing – buying […]

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  • Credit Card Quick Tips

    Repairing or maintaining your credit doesn’t have to be a pain. Take baby steps and start by looking at your credit card debt. Check out a few credit card quick tips below and put in the little bit of work to improve your credit score. […]

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  • 3 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Trash Your Credit – as featured in the Business Insider

    Have you checked your credit score lately? If so, has it dropped? Educate yourself and read this Business Insider article to see the 3 things that will hurt your score. Remember, a low credit score means higher interest rates. Always shoot for a credit score of 760, […]

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