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  • buying-a-new-vehicle

    Buying a New Car: 7 Quick Tips

    Are you thinking of purchasing a new car or looking to attend our VIP Auto Event? If you’re answered yes to either of these questions, read on and check out a few tips to help you before and during your next vehicle purchase. Buy what...

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  • ilwucu-vip-auto-event

    ILWU Credit Union VIP Auto Event

    It’s baaaaaack! We’re prepping for another VIP Auto Event, exclusively for all ILWU Credit Union members. We’re taking our lending department, marketing team and other staff members to Harbor Chevrolet so that you may receive a great deal and rate on your next new vehicle....

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  • Monet Wade, Local 13

    I’m Here Because of the Credit Union

    Monet Wade, Local 63 Union member and a 17 year Longshoreman, is a third generation Longshoreman. His father, mother and grandfather are, or were , Longshoremen. He is an example of the family, pride and unity that exist within the Longshore community. The Longshore community...

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  • Dorothy Dillion-Douglas

    …It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

    We at the ILWU Credit Union are devoted supporters of our membership. Recently, Dorothy Dillion-Douglas, Longshoreman Casual, wanted a new car. Since she had financed a car with ILWU Credit Union in the past, she turned to us to get pre-approved for her new purchase. Dorothy...

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  • ford_bridge

    A Crossroad in the Car Industry

    The car industry has been on the spotlight since the economic crisis of 2007, the CAFE regulation which has forced cars to have a higher MPG, and the increase of competition on a global scale. Very few car manufacturers have gone through the last decade without...

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  • lucky-squirrel-lamborghini

    Video: Behold the World’s Luckiest Squirrel – as featured in Autoblog

    Follow the link below to watch a Lamborghini Murciélago at the The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4 event at California’s Fontana raceway. Watch as an adventurous squirrel decides to cross the road. Click here to watch the video featured in Autoblog by Chris Shunk on 7/1/11.

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