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  • HELOC options

    What to do with that HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)

    HELOC…why & what to do with one.   You hear all the time about putting your home to work for you but how do you make that happen? As you pay down your mortgage your home’s equity (or value) increases. Once that equity reaches a […]

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  • social security checks direct deposit

    Direct Deposit Social Security Checks

    Waiting by the mailbox for a social security check is now a thing of the past. Since March, the federal government is requiring all social security recipients to have their monthly funds directly deposited into a checking or saving account. These electronic payments include veteran’s […]

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  • Real Estate Market recovering-new homeowner

    Housing Market Recovering…Are You Ready to Become a Homeowner?

    Housing market recovering   Lately there has been quite a bit of buzz on the improving economy, the housing market recovering and what that means to the current housing market. Housing prices have been on the increase for the past four months in more than 15 major […]

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  • ATM debit card fraud skimming machine

    Tips for Protecting Against Debit Card Fraud

    Prevent Debit Card Fraud   Debit card fraud can be a nightmare to deal with, but is preventable. While it’s great to have the convenience of being able to just swipe a card to pay for things it’s more important than ever to know how […]

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  • Save money for shopping smart

    Shopping Smart Can Save You Money

    Shopping smart!   Every day you are bombarded with television and radio ads, billboards, newspapers and online promotions all trying to sell you everything from cars to clothes, televisions to new appliances. But just because it’s on sale, is it really a bargain? Never impulse […]

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  • credit score hero

    Credit Score Basics

    This week our Ten Smart Money Management Tips topic is the importance of knowing your credit score. These days credit scores determine what you pay for almost everything. And unfortunately, just like everything else, mistakes happen and when you couple that with the ever increasing identity theft […]

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  • Track your spending with a spreadsheet

    Track Your Spending to Know Where Money Goes

    Continuing our series “Ten Smart Money Management Tips” and going hand-in-hand with our last post on getting organized, now we are going to discuss techniques to track your spending. Seeing exactly where your money goes will help identify areas where spending can be reduced. Then that […]

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  • Get organized

    Get Organized to be Financially Successful

    Several weeks ago we started a series “Ten Smart Money Management Steps” and step number one was getting organized. It just stands to reason if you have a big messy pile of unopened bills and statements then you probably don’t know where your money is […]

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  • Car Financing tips - ILWU Credit Union

    Financing Tips to Make Sure a New Vehicle is in Your Future

    It’s the one thing I’ve never been able to understand, why is buying a new car or truck so hard? If you’re like me just the thought of “window shopping” fills you with a sense of dread. The pushy salesmen, the haggling back and forth […]

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