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  • Personal Finance Manager PFM

    Personal Finance Manager – What Can One Do For You?

    Have a personal finance manager wherever you go. I’m sure the majority of you have smart phones at this point and isn’t it wonderful to have all your contacts, games, social networking sites and all kinds of other applications that you just can’t live without […]

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  • Reduced Port volume means reduced income for Longshoreman

    Do You Have a Plan if You Find Yourself with a Reduced Income?

    Reduced income for Longshoreman is a possibility this year. A recent article in discussed how June 2013 cargo volumes here at the Port of Los Angeles decreased over seven percent from June 2012. A Port spokesman believes the same amount of cargo is being […]

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  • check your credit report regularly

    Why Reviewing Your Credit Report Is So Important

    Recently there was a big news story concerning a lady who won an 18 million dollar settlement from Equifax, one of the nation’s big three credit reporting services. She had numerous errors listed on her credit report simply because Equifax had her report mixed up […]

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  • fiscally responsible

    Helping Our Members Become Fiscally Responsible

    Being fiscally responsible is ageless. Many of the simple basic lessons that we use to teach our children financial responsibility always apply, no matter what your age. Having credit cards are both a curse and a blessing. While they offer a sense of financial security […]

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  • Having Money When You Need It

    Emergency car repairs, unexpected medical bills, major household expenses…these are things that unfortunately happen to everyone and usually at the most inopportune time. And while the majority of us have some money squirreled away for a rainy day, many times these emergencies end up being […]

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  • unclaimed money

    What does “Unclaimed Property” mean?

    Have you heard the phase Unclaimed Property and wondered what it means. The State requires corporations, business associations, financial institutions and insurance companies to annually turn over property to the State Controller’s Office that has been inactive or without customer contact for a period of three years. Often […]

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  • money and marriage

    Money and Marriage can be a Challenge to Couples

    Money and Marriage   Money and marriage can be a challenge. Statistics show that money woes are one of the top reasons for problems in a relationship or marriage. That’s why it so important before you tie the knot to sit down with your partner […]

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  • personal-finance-tips

    Personal Finance Tips from Suze Orman

    Whether you realize it or not, your financial security is more than just how much money you have in savings or if your credit card bills are current. Retirement investments, long-term care insurance, even the equity in your home all play an important part in […]

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  • teach kids to save money

    Money Tips to Help Kids Learn to Save Money

    Kids learn to save money from you!   It’s never too early to start teaching your children the importance of good money management.  Check out these easy and smart ways to get your kids on the right track when it comes to savings. Impulse buying […]

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