• Mobile Banking - ILWU Credit Union

    Mobile Banking: It’s A Beautiful Thing

    Mobile banking is a beautiful thing!  Nothing is more convenient that being able to bank on your schedule and your terms. And that’s what you get when you sign up for mobile banking through the ILWU Credit Union! From the comfort of your home, business […]

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  • ATM locator on the ILWU Credit Union website

    ATM Convenience with an ATM Locator Service from ILWU Credit Union

      Gone are the days when ATMs were used just to pick up a quick $20. Technology has now progressed so that many ATMs are capable of accepting deposits, both cash and checks. That feature, plus the convenience of withdrawing funds and checking balances, along […]

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  • Falcon Alert - ILWU Credit Union

    How ILWU Credit Union Protects You Against Identity Theft with Falcon Alert

      Last week we discussed identity theft and how by being a valued ILWU Credit Union member you and your family, including your spouse, parents and children are all protected against this ever increasing problem. iProtect is a standard feature offered with each and every ILWU […]

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  • iProtect - Identity Protection - ILWU Credit Union

    You Have Identity Protection with ILWU Credit Union’s iProtect service

    Identity Protection with iProtect   You will sleep sounder and feel secure in knowing that as an ILWU Credit Union member, you have identity protection with iProtect. However, do you know what iProtect is? More importantly, do you know how it can help you when […]

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  • I’m Here Because of the Credit Union

    Monet Wade, Local 63 Union member and a 17 year Longshoreman, is a third generation Longshoreman. His father, mother and grandfather are, or were , Longshoremen. He is an example of the family, pride and unity that exist within the Longshore community. The Longshore community […]

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  • …It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

    We at the ILWU Credit Union are devoted supporters of our membership. Recently, Dorothy Dillion-Douglas, Longshoreman Casual, wanted a new car. Since she had financed a car with ILWU Credit Union in the past, she turned to us to get pre-approved for her new purchase. Dorothy […]

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  • iProtect – you are protected

    On April 1, 2011 we were proud to introduce iProtect, our Identity Theft Protection Program. This fully managed identity recovery comes standard with your checking account. iProtect covers all types of identity theft, even if it is not related to your credit union accounts.  Here […]

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  • “You Gave Me a Loan When No One Else Would!”

      Check the video below to see how Manuel Jimenez takes full advantage of iBanking to be our first iPad winner! Congratulations Manuel!      

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  • ILWU Credit Union Opens Broad Avenue ATM

    We are always listening to the needs and wants of our membership. Our intent is to listen and act upon their request. Whether it is improving our products and services or creating new and convenient ways of accessing their accounts. On June 25, 2011, we […]

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