Personal Finance Manager – What Can One Do For You?

Personal finance managerHave a personal finance manager wherever you go. I’m sure the majority of you have smart phones at this point and isn’t it wonderful to have all your contacts, games, social networking sites and all kinds of other applications that you just can’t live without right there in one handy device wherever you go?

Well how about a website or smart phone app that pulls all your financial information together and keeps it in one place that you can access anytime, anywhere? These days there are several good and easy online personal finance managers to choose from, including, manilla, check and personal capital, just to name a few.

These PFMs all reduce the amount of time you spend balancing and tracking your money. After setting up your account and entering the required information, they do all the rest. These sites connect to almost all financial institutions in the United States so once your information is verified, they take over and track account balances and investments, send out timely reminders when bills are due, help you find savings in your spending and some even alert you when there is unusual activity in any of your accounts, reducing the chances of identity theft or account fraud.

These sites use the same encrypted security measures taken by all major banks and lending institutions so your financial information is always safe and secure. It’s so easy!

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An infographic to help visualize Personal Finance Management concepts and ideas.
Real Money, Virtual Wallets
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