Embrace Today and Look Toward the Future

John Coleman, ILWU Credit Union President

Let’s welcome the New Year! Today is a good time to take stock, reflect and renew. The great thing about today is we survived yesterday.  Embrace today and look toward the future with hope. Sit down and list your achievements, the time shared with family and friends, and your personal goals reached. Accomplishments are more important than setbacks. Identify the things that matter family, friends, health, etc. and make them a priority.  Let 2013 be your milestone year.  Build on yesterday’s success and learn from yesterday’s setbacks.  Making New Year‘s resolutions is fun. However, attaining your personal goals is meaningful and rewarding.  Identify and start achieving your 2013 goals today.  Make it a… (how would you finish this sentence?)

Happy New Year.

John Coleman
ILWU Credit Union


About the Author

Since becoming President and CEO in 1999, John Coleman has lead the credit union to tremendous growth in both assets and membership. John holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Central State University, and an MBA from Columbia University. His extensive business background includes 30 years as a financial executive with such high profile companies as Rockwell, Ford, and Abbot Laboratories.