NerdWallet Recognizes the ILWU Credit Union Mobile App

ILWU Credit Union Mobile Banking App

We’ve been talking about the ILWU Credit Union Mobile Banking App. This app is a great way to access your account information even if it’s after regular credit union business hours. We recently mentioned the app in a post, 5 Mobile Device Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier. Now we have run across an article where others are touting our mobile banking app too.

NerdWallet, an online financial resource, explains that in order to get 24/7/365 access to your financial accounts, you can use mobile banking apps. They go on to explain that BIG banks have been using mobile apps for a while, and now, finally, we are seeing the adoption of these apps among credit unions. We are proud to say that we are one of the credit unions that have taken the initiative to further help our members by giving them access to their account information via a mobile app. The mobile banking app provides a virtual credit union on the go, where you can check account balances, transfer funds and even find the closest fee-free ATM.

Here is an excerpt from the mobile banking apps article.

Nerdwallet excerpt-ILWU Credit Union-Mobile Banking app



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The ILWU Credit Union mobile app is available to any member of the credit union. We will be happy to help you set up your mobile banking. Feel free to come by or contact us here to begin an easier life of accessing your accounts anytime, anywhere. Click here to get more information about Mobile Banking at ILWU Credit Union.

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