How ILWU Credit Union Protects You Against Identity Theft with Falcon Alert

Last week we discussed identity theft and how by being a valued ILWU Credit Union member you and your family, including your spouse, parents and children are all protected against this ever increasing problem. iProtect is a standard feature offered with each and every ILWU Credit Union checking account.

Identity Theft Protection with Falcon Alert

Now we’d like to introduce you to another outstanding program for your ILWU Platinum credit card and ILWU Credit Union debit card called Falcon Alert.

Falcon Alert is identity theft protection - ILWU Credit Union

Falcon Alert is:

  • A proprietary fraud detection system that takes the work and worry out of using any credit or debit cards issued by us. You are automatically enrolled – all you do is use your card!
  • State-of-the-art software! Falcon Alert quickly learns your day to day normal spending patterns, evaluates each and every transaction and if a particular transaction is suspicious, a fraud specialist will follow up to verify that you, in fact, did initiate the transaction.
  • Like having your own private identity fraud specialist available 24/7 making sure your good financial reputation stays safe and secure.

If in fact, the transaction was legitimate there is no impact on that transaction or your card. But if after contacting you, it is determined the transaction was not authorized, your card is immediately blocked preventing any additional fraudulent transactions from occurring. Then an email alert is generated to us here at ILWU Credit Union so we are always in the know concerning the status of your accounts. You will never be asked to provide sensitive personal information and if at any time you are concerned about identity theft on either your ILWU Credit Union Platinum credit or debit card, please feel free to call us at 310-834-6411.

With so many of these services available how can you be assured that Falcon Alert works? Recently one of our members called to let us know that during a weekend trip to Las Vegas a Falcon Alert representative called to inquire if he was in fact out of town and if the pending charges on his card were legitimate. And keep in mind, if he hadn’t answered the call, a hold would have immediately been placed on his card preventing any additional fraudulent charges.

Many times while on vacation or when moving you aren’t always near your phone so when planning a trip add “call the ILWU Credit Union” to your “to-do” list. By letting us know you will be away from your normal spending area, that information can be relayed to Falcon Alert, insuring there is no interruption of your purchasing abilities.  Give us a call at 310-834-6411 or 866-445-9828 (toll-free) and ensure that you are safe on your trip.

Photo Credit: National Geographic/Michael Melford

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