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Identity Protection with iProtect

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You will sleep sounder and feel secure in knowing that as an ILWU Credit Union member, you have identity protection with iProtect. However, do you know what iProtect is? More importantly, do you know how it can help you when you need it most? Simply, iProtect is a complete identity recovery system that we have obtained and added as a standard feature with your ILWU Credit Union checking account. Yes, it’s another way ILWU Credit Union is there for you. We are always searching for new products that can help our membership.

Dealing with the subject of identity theft is not easy! Especially after hearing about high profile cases of hackers stealing personal data. An average person does not know what to do when it happens. Remove all worries with one simple telephone call to your credit union (ILWUCU) and we will place you in contact with your personal advocate so you may begin to recover your identity.

If you, or a family member, suspect identity theft of any type, simply call us. iProtect covers all types of identity theft, even if it’s not related to your ILWU Credit Union account. This is not a misprint. All your accounts are covered – ILWUCU account, other financial institutions and more. These benefits are extended to all named accountholders and 3 generations of your family — including your spouse, children and parents*. Read how iProtect helped one of ILWU Credit Union’s members.

How does iProtect work?

  • The credit union contacts iProtect for you who assigns a personal advocate that will work on your behalf.
  • Your advocate activates credit monitoring to help watch for additional signs of abuse.
  • Your advocate contacts the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc. as applicable, to address any misuse of official documentation of your identity.
  • Your advocate reverses and removes all wrongful activity from your records.
  • Your advocate works with local and federal law enforcement to try to stop the criminal or criminals who are using your identity, including professional investigators and legal advisors.
  • You are provided with 12 months of follow-up after your recovery is complete.
  • And much more!

If you suspect you may be a victim of identity theft contact us at (310) 834 -6411 or (866) 445-9828 and speak to one of our Member Services Representatives immediately. Do you have any questions about iProtect, let us know in a comment below or visit our iProtect page on the ILWU Credit Union website. We are always happy to help.

*For more information and disclosures review the iProtect page on the ILWU Credit Union website

Additional iProtect information on the ILWU Credit Union website – iProtect

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