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’69 Camaro SS

Nothing turns my head faster and gets my heart racing like seeing a perfectly restored classic car from the 1950’s or 60’s. A pristine 1969 Camaro or 1965 Mustang…that to me is a work of art.

Both those cars along with the Chevrolet Impala, the Pontiac GTO and the iconic Dodge Charger were American designed and manufactured in Detroit City—the automobile capital of the world. Unfortunately, over the years beginning in the mid 1970’s when America experienced a nationwide energy crisis, the majority of these high performance cars were phased out.

But now many of these classics are getting a second chance at life. In fact, custom car restoration has become so popular that numerous car manufacturers are now producing aftermarket parts and accessories for a great majority of the most popular models. And while that does make restoration so much easier, there is still a large group of purists that will install nothing but original factory parts. This obviously makes the restoration more costly and time consuming but unless your project car is strictly for resale, then this labor of love is worth it.

For many car buffs the classics include more than just the one’s listed above. In fact, the folks at Hemmings Classic Car Magazine have compiled their list of the “32 Best Cars to Restore.” All these cars are American made and include everything from the pre-war Ford Model A to the 1963-1965 Buick Rivera, a car that Hemmings is calling the best designed American car of the post war era. And I have to confess, though a year or two off, nothing gets my motor running more than seeing (and hearing) a 1971 bullet back Rivera with a 455 V-8 engine!

Do you own a classic or have a certain model/make/year that brings back fond memories and holds a special place in your heart? We’d love to hear about it! Why not take a few minutes and drop us a line in the ILWU Credit Union comments section below?

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