5 Mobile Device Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Mobile device apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) are a great way to get the information you need when you need it. Plus, they can make your life easier. There are apps out there to find cheap gas, to find a great restaurant to take your honey to or to access your financial accounts. Take a look over our list and see what you think. Comment at the bottom if you have that killer app to make life easier!

Key Ring - Useful app - ILWU Credit Union

1) Key Ring

Does your keychain have loads of discount cards hanging from it? Are they really becoming annoying? Remedy the problem by using an app that stores all the discount card information and allows you to throw away those cards. Lighten up your keychain and have all the discount cards in one place.

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2) iTranslate

Being in Southern California, we have a lot of languages spoken by lots of different people. Be sure that you can communicate with them and get your point across. A translator app is a great tool to make communicating with someone that doesn’t speak your language much easier. iTranlate is one of the most popular translator tools on iTunes and Google Play. App features include voice recognition, dictionaries, and over 50 different languages.

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ILWU Credit Union Mobile App

3) ILWUCU Mobile Banking

Do you want to know how much money is in your account no matter where you are? Have you ever driven around forever looking for an ATM? This app remedies both those problems and keeps you connected with your account at the ILWU Credit Union. Plus the app is totally FREE. You can’t beat that price point! Read more about ILWU Credit Union’s mobile banking app.

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4) Waze

This is the social app for when you are on-the-road. Waze shows information from people using the app and puts it together to deliver real-time navigation details. This is helpful to go around traffic jams, find gas stations and avoid speed traps. Waze is crowd sourcing for the delivery of real-time, up to date driving information.

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Red Laser - ILWU Credit Union

5) Red Laser

Compare prices of products from multiple stores right from your mobile device. Do you find yourself wondering if you can get a product cheaper somewhere else? This cool app allows you to get product information, price compare and see what other stores carry the product. Whether or not you’re a hardcore shopper, this app will be useful to you.

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Please comment below and add any mobile device apps that you can’t live without.

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