Top Gadgets You Need to Wait For

If you got a craving for a new gadget or toy, wait a bit. We’ve compiled a list of top gadgets that will make you think twice before going on your next electronic shopping splurge. You don’t want to miss these!

iPhone 5
If you’re set on buying a new iPhone, wait. Reports (along with rumors) suggest that a new iPhone will be released later this year. Expected features include: 4G LTE connectivity, larger screen with crack-proof glass, enhanced camera with 3D photography capabilities and a faster operating system. More information in the International Business Times article.

Windows Tablets
Most tablets that run Windows have been criticized for not being user-friendly. However, this fall, expect better tablets with the release of Windows 8 which is set for October 2012. Check out the video below of the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga. The device is described as a ‘tablet and ultrabook in one’.

Speaking of ultrabooks, the sleek ASUS ZenBook Prime carries a 1920 x 1080 screen that allows you to watch and enjoy HD movies. Price tag is about $1,499.

MacBook Pro
Apple is expected to to announce new MacBook Pros this June. The new laptops are expected to be faster and lighter, and will carry a high resolution retina display. The machines will run on Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion software. Keep your eyes and ears open starting mid June.

Android Tablets by ASUS and Acer
If you’re an Android user and in the market for an Android tablet with a worthy display, you may want to check out both Asus and Acer. Both companies plan to sell 1920 x 1200 tablets that will be suitable for your HD viewing pleasures.

It is speculated that Amazon will release a backlit E Ink-based Kindle this summer and a second-generation Kindle Fire 2 this fall. Will other companies follow? You bet. With investment money from Microsoft, Barnes & Nobles will most likely launch a new Nook Tablet. Expect both readers to contain high resolution screens. If you want something now, check out Barnes & Noble’s new Simple Touch with GlowLight. Video review below from

Which one will you buy?

[Via: Gizmodo, Image credit: Bfishadow]

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