6 Things to Avoid Putting Off This Summer

It’s so easy to take a slower pace during hot, summer days. However, this season presents a perfect opportunity to cross off some essential things on your to-do list. Check them out!

1. Check out the best deals for this month using dealnews.com. Did you know that August is the best month to receive discounts on back-to-school items? Other items with good or deep discounts include summer clothing, swimwear, grills, 46″ HDTVs and back-to-school laptop bundles.

Tip: August tends to be a bad month to purchase patio sets, so wait until September or October. Also, hold off on electronics like the Kindle Fire or a new iPhone. The Kindle Fire 2 and iPhone 5 may be released this year, forcing older models to drop in price. 

2. Don’t forget about quiet time. If you’re a parent, make sure you find a balance between work and family life. Unplug during dinner or lunch dates with your family – put your smartphones away and turn off other electronics.

3. Keep your health in check! Summer tends to be a slower season for doctors, so make time for your annual exam. Extra tip: Use the free site ZocDoc to find local physicians, schedule an appointment and view patient reviews. Good ol’ Dr. Oz recommends scheduling your medical appointments in the morning (8 AM or so) and scheduling your dental procedures (those involving local anesthesia) in the afternoon (2 PM).

Early appointments with your physician make sure you or your doctor don’t get thrown by unforeseen circumstances. Dental appointments that require local anesthesia are better around 2 PM since the local treatment tends to last longer during the afternoon, making it more effective.

4. Check out what’s new in LA! Check out Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, tour the USS Iowa, the new Cleopatra exhibit at the California Science Center or downtown’s newest green space, Grand Park. The first two blocks of the 12-acre park have been completed. And don’t forget about the upcoming Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, set to take place September 14-16 at Ports O’ Call Village.

5. Clean up your finances. Start with unused monthly subscriptions and cancel those  you don’t use. Then move on to your credit cards and see which balances are worth transferring to a lower rate. The point is to create a plan to tackle your debt once and for all. If you’re looking to establish or improve your credit, open a ILWUCU Secure Credit Card. You can tackle debt and improve your credit simultaneously so that you end the year right.

6. School is starting up soon, but if you found yourself too busy to enjoy alone time, start planning for next year. Think about making arrangements when you’re kids are out of school  – sign them up for daycare or camp, and plan play dates accordingly. Check out summer day camp ratings by Yelp and this list of top summer day camps in the LA area.

Did you find any of these items/tips helpful? What other things do you include in your summer to-do list?

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