Summer Play at the Ports

Curious to know what’s happening this summer? Check out the ports.

Free boat tours
Get to know the Port of Long Beach, up close and personal with a free boat tour. The Port of Long Beach is offering free harbor tours, from May to October.

Tour Dates are set for:
The first and third Saturday of the month
Second Tuesday of the month
Fourth Thursday of the month

Another nice addition to the tour program includes a “sunset cruise” which runs from 7 to 8:30 PM (on the the fourth Thursday of each month). Talk about sailing into the sunset!

Make your reservations as early as possible. Tour dates are released a month in advance on the first Monday of each month at 8 AM. Seats are filling up fast – all dates in May and June are currently booked. However, you can remain on stand-by in case a cancellation occurs. More information (directions, parking, tour dates, contact information) can be found in the Port of Long Beach website.

Get crafty… at the ports
On June 29, 2012 see two World War II-era warehouse structures get transformed into a new arts and crafts attraction. Crafted at the Port of LA (or CPLA) will be open Friday through Sunday (starting June 29) to become the nation’s “largest year-round indoor crafts market.”

The warehouses have been leased by over 75 craft-artist partners that will display unique jewelry, ceramics, knits, leather goods, stationery, sauces, hand-carved wood, accessories and exceptional snacks and confections. All products on display must be hand-made in Southern California, and no imports will be allowed.

Admission is free for all families and visitors. Convenient parking will be provided along with live music, entertainment, daily demonstrations and gourmet food. Who said the ports were all work and no play?

For more information, visit the Crafted at the Port of LA website.

[Via: Port of Long Beach and PR Newswire, Image credit: Green Fire Productions]

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