San Pedro to take another look at redeveloping Ports O’Call Village – as featured in the Daily Breeze

The Port of Los Angeles is looking for qualified developers to provide a much-needed facelift to San Pedro’s Ports O’Call Village. Requests are set to go out this July.

The 15-acre seaside village was built in early 196os, but by the 80s many of the shops began to move out. Things haven’t been the same since. Port officials hired the Maxima Group Consulting Team in 2010 to develop a plot strategy for the village. The group’s plan focused on finding niche attractions for the area.

Jayme Wilson,┬ámanager of the village and Ports O’ Call Restaurant on behalf of the port, pictures a fresh, modern look for the waterfront area.

“‘The world’s changed,’ he said. ‘The old days of mom-and-pop shops and 90 individual small stores connected really are a thing of the past.’┬áHe envisions a future waterfront with retail shops, entertainment, restaurants and possibly hotels, offering a range of activities for visitors.”

Even with the village’s lack of appeal, overall business was up by about 25 percent compared to last year.

Read more details in the full Daily Breeze article. Donna Littlejohn reports, 6/25/12

[Image credit: Louie Baur]