Here’s A Quick Guide To Selling, Swapping, Buying And Renting Textbooks – as featured in the Business Insider

In this Business Insider article, discover the best websites for buying, renting, selling and swapping college textbooks. If you’re not in school, feel free to share this guide with a college student in your group of family or friends. Happy textbook hunting!

To rent textbooks, look into these sites:

Amazon’s Book Rental.  Save up to 80% up the cover price by renting ebooks for as long as you want (30 days minimum). You can also access all your highlights and notes via their Cloud service even after you’ve returned the book.

Rent-A-Text. The site gives you access to rentals from more than 900 college bookstores across the US. You can also choose to pick up your books to avoid shipping charges. The company claims to have the largest textbook inventory on the market. You can also sell or buy books new. Added benefit: no shipping costs. Ebooks are currently unavailable. Rent textbooks and ebooks. Download ebooks to your account and access them anytime on the web.  The files are only available as streaming files, so you’ll need internet connection to access your ebooks. The company offers a 15-day late return grace period – ideal for those always running late. They offer three options for rentals: 55 days (summer), 130 days (semester) and 85 days (quarter).

To buy & sell:

Try good ol’ Amazon or Campusbooks has a handy app to find the best buy-back price on books. Quick and easy solution for buying and selling textbooks. The site stores book and course listings for about 2,500 schools. Just include the class name and see your required textbooks for that class. Swoopthat results will generate new and used books along with ebooks and rentals. eBay-owned site that lets you rent and buy your books online.

To swap: Good site for those looking to swap most items including DVDs, Groupon vouchers and textbooks. This site charges a fee ($8.95) for swapping services. The price goes down to $7.99 per book if you sign up for a five-swap plan. Every book you post for sale accrues points toward your account. Points can be applied towards a future book purchase. Trade books with other users and get points for every book you swap. You have the option to donate your points to charities. Also, for each book you give, you can get one back in return and only pay the cost of shipping.

For more details, read the entire Business Insider article. Mandi Woodruff reports, 8/20/2012.

[Image credit: Johan Larsson]