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Poseidon Resorts has completed the design of its latest project – an undersea hotel in Fiji. The resort will sit under a private lagoon. The next step for the company involves securing capital for construction.

It’s no surprise that the President for Poseidon Resorts, L. Bruce Jones, who has a background in submarine sea technology, developed the project. The new resort will sit 40 feet underwater with two land piers (with elevators) to serve as entry and exit points. Hotel features include suites, a restaurant, bar, lounge-cum-library, spa, conference room, wedding chapel and theater area.

The resort will also have an on-island complex with typical hotel facilities and fancy ones as well – 24 beach and 26 over-watch bungalows and a presidential suite for the VIP crowd. So how much will a stay at the Poseidon Resort cost? Only $30,000 per week, the required minimum. The heavy price tag will include air transportation to Nadi or Suva on the company’s airline, four nights on beach accommodations and two nights in underwater suites. Added bonuses consist of a 16-passenger submarine expedition outside the lagoon and the chance to pilot personal submarines (3 passengers total).

You can go big, or go to this underwater resort in Fiji. Access the full article along with photos here.

[Via: gizmag, Image credit: ahisgett]

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