Port Activity Up in Los Angeles, Down in Long Beach – as featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal and Press Telegram

May was a busy month for the Port of Los Angeles. A total of 731,353 containers passed through the port – a 5.5 percent increase compared to May 2011. Overall, May (2012) was the best month for the port in nearly two years.

Unlike Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach experienced a decline. Cargo numbers for the port have seen a decrease every month since the beginning of 2012. In total, 497,892 containers were handled – a 7 percent decrease compared to May 2011.

Don Synder, director of Trade Development for the Port of Long Beach had the following to say about the decline:

“We had several small new-entry carriers that were here last year, that toward the fall as business dropped off, they just eliminated their service here coming to the port,” said Snyder.

However, a 3 percent increase is expected (at the port of Long Beach) as a result of three new services that began operations at the end of May.

Read more in the Los Angeles Business Journal article and Press Telegram article. James Rufus Koren, Art Marroquin and Karen Robes Meeks report, 6/14/12.

[Image credit: Daniel Ramirez]