Fries from your phone: McDonald’s testing mobile payment app – as featured in CNN

Imagine being able to order and pay for your fast food meal from your smartphone or tablet. McDonald’s customers in France now have this option and if popular, could spread to the company’s 33,500 locations worldwide. According to a Reuters report, the new feature allows customers to order their meals using the McDonald’s mobile app, pay for it via PayPal, then join a separate line to pick up their food.

PayPal is also working with Home Depot as other businesses jump into the mobile-payment sphere. Retailers like Target, Best Buy and 7-Eleven have created the Merchant Customer Exchange. The group is developing a mobile app that would allow customers to pay for goods at participating stores’ registers with their smartphones. The app will also give users exclusive coupons and deals.

Meanwhile other mobile apps like Square and GoogleWallet are accelerating to make mobile payments the next consumer norm. For more details, read the entire CNN article. Doug Gross reports, 8/20/2012.

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[Image credit: stevendepolo]