Long Beach Fireworks Shows Shuffle Over To Business Side in ’12 – as featured in Gazettes.com

The city of Long Beach will not fund any fireworks show this year.

The Long Beach’s Firefighters Association is canceling the fireworks show at Veterans Memorial Stadium, located on the Long Beach City College campus. According to Fire Captain Rich Brandt, the show was losing too much money. To compensate for the loss, the firefighters are scheduling an Independence Day fundraiser at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club set for Tuesday, July 3.

Meanwhile at the Queen Mary, a fireworks show is set for this year. “It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without fireworks off the Queen Mary, would it?” stated Steve Sheldon, director of entertainment events for the ship.

Like previous years, the Virginia Country Club also plans to coordinate a private 4th of July fireworks show.

For more details, read the Gazettes.com article. Harry Saltzgaver reports, 5/8/2012.

[Image credit: Justin Ennis]