Long Beach 710 Freeway to expand to 14 lanes – as featured in ABC7 Los Angeles

The Long Beach 710 Freeway is expanding. Caltrans and Metro released plans on Sunday (7/1/12) to widen the freeway to 14 lanes and create a separate, side freeway for trucks only.

The project will cost $5 billion and will place five lanes in each direction, plus create a four-lane trucks-only freeway that will sit between the existing Long Beach freeway and  the Los Angeles River. The trucks-only freeway will run from the Port of Long Beach to the city of Los Angeles.

A total of 200 homes and 200 businesses will be torn down in order to complete the project.

For more details, read the entire ABC7 news post released on 7/1/2012.

[Image credit: Laurie Avocado]