Help Us Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Back in 1979, a cramped three-bedroom home opened its doors to battered women and victims of domestic violence. The set-up was modest to say the least, “an office set up in a dimly lit garage, and a hotline center that consisted of a card table and one telephone”, describes Carol Williams. Interval House was born.

Carol’s ‘few months’ of volunteerism and passion have since equaled to 33 years of dedication and countless stories of pain and hope. She now serves as Executive Director of the non-profit organization.

“A friend of mine, who I admired greatly, Mary Walton (a well known leader in the field of domestic violence), told me about a little battered women’s shelter that was trying to open in the area. There was tremendous opposition, with a 400-signature petition against its opening. I decided I would take a few months and get involved to help create a place called Interval House.”

Where they are today
That little place now operates seven shelters and provides a variety of transitional/safety programs, resources and counseling to families and victims of domestic violence. The organization has been nationally recognized as a ‘model’ program in field of domestic abuse, and offers services in over 70 different languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition, Interval House is the only domestic violence program in the nation with the following awards: Three Presidential Awards, two California Governor’s Awards and a U.S. Department of Justice Award.

How you can help
With that said, it’s no surprise why we have chosen to fully support Interval House. And now we ask you, our members, to assist. Next time you stop by the credit union or give us call, ask your teller or member services representative to deduct a small donation from your ILWUCU account. The tax-deductible contribution of your choice will aid many individuals transition into a life free from abuse. Help us help Interval House from now until June 22, 2012. For every $25 in donations that we receive, we will place a feather butterfly on our display tree, located in the vestibule area of the credit union. The butterfly symbol is part of the Interval House logo and signifies new beginnings and hope. We hope to fill our tree with many butterflies and give plenty of individuals the opportunity to be hopeful again.

About the Author

Alejandra Gutierrez Alex is the new Social Media Specialist for the ILWU Credit Union. She's a 'nerd' at heart who enjoys community building. Her obsessions: baked goods and old mariachi ballads.