Early Voting Will Continue in Ohio

The Supreme Court declined a case that would have eliminated early voting in Ohio.

Early voting allows residents of Ohio to place their votes during the last three days before Election Day. The process began in 2005 and hit a peak in 2008 – it is estimated that thirty percent of Ohioans voted early during this year. Of these early voters (in 2008), most were women, low-income and elderly individuals. In regards to ethnicity, a large number were African-American that voted for Barack Obama.

The case against early voting was presented by this year by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican. The case stated that early voted was an unnecessary strain on state officials preparing for Election Day. In contrast, the case suggested that military members should have extra time to vote as a result of unforeseen military duties.

Both the Obama campaign and the Ohio Democratic Party challenged the case and argued that removing early voting violated the Constitution and was not necessary. The district court and the court of appeals agreed.

The county election chairman for Cuyahoga County, Ohio’s largest, stated that the extra voting days aren’t likely to be a burden. For more details, read the entire PBS news article.

[Via: PBS, Image Credit: hjl]

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