City Finalizing New Beach Path Plans – as featured in

A new beach walkway is coming to Long Beach, and it’s specifically for walkers and runners. Construction of the new beachside addition may begin as early as September or October (2012). The path is expected to be 3.1 miles in length and about 11 feet wide, and will run next to a current walk/bike pathway.

“The beach facility upgrades will be made possible from already allocated Tidelands Funds — one-time oil revenue windfall from the Port of Long Beach that is supposed to be used for shore-side projects. No general fund money — where police, fire and other basic services are paid for — will be spent.”

Other projects include:

  • A Bixby/Cherry Avenue beach path and stairways project with appropriate handicap access.
  • Small renovations to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier.
  • Restroom improvements and renovations. Locations include Eighth Place, Cherry Beach, Coronado Avenue and Rainbow Harbor, next to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

For more information, read the entire news article. Jonathan Van Dyke reports, 6/17/12.

[Image credit: Erin Kohlenberg]