Buscaino seeks solution to Harbor Area parking problems – as featured in the Daily Breeze

Councilman Joe Busciano is addressing the parking issues in San Pedro and Wilmington. The councilman’s proposal contains an aggressive 5 Point Plan:

  • Remove 509 parking meters in low-demand areas within San Pedro and Wilmington.
  • Offer free parking at three city-owned parking lots (Parking lots 641, 647 and 699 in San Pedro).
  • Reduce parking meter rates to 50 or 75 cents per hour (depending on the area). Note: In Wilmington, all parking meters will be reduced to 50 cents per hour.
  • Improve signage and directions so free parking structures are easily found.
  • Improve infrastructure and lighting such as replacing coin-only parking meters with modern, credit card meters and look into the possibility of constructing a parking structure in downtown San Pedro.

Busciano hopes to have a vote on his parking proposal before summer 2012. You can see the proposed parking strategy in the councilman’s YouTube video.

So how much money does Council District 15 (San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway and Watts) make from meters? About $592,642 a year, and only 39 percent of meters provide 75 percent of the revenue.

[Via: Daily Breeze, Image credit: Bruce Fingerhood]