Blog Contest Winner: Why Arturo Loves Being a Longshoreman

Last week, we rolled out a blog contest  in honor of Valentine’s Day. We asked our community (you) to tell us why you love being a longshoreman/woman or why you love having one in your family. We received several great responses, but in the end there was only one winner.

We’d like to thank Arturo Martinez for sharing his words and perspective. Congratulations Art! To celebrate our winner and community even more, we have decided to publish all the responses we received. You can check out Art’s comment below.

Stay tuned for our next blog post. We will publish the remaining submissions – all thanks to our great members!

Why I love being a longshoreman by Art Martinez
“Being a longshoreman, wow, I thank the Lord everyday for giving me the opportunity to work here. Besides the great pay, and benefits, I’ve also met some awesome people. I’ve been able to drastically improve my credit, and my overall lifestyle. Now I am looking to buy a home and I am only 31 years old. There are no more financial worries for my mother since my father passed in 1996. My mother has struggled to push my sister, brother and myself to be something and have a career to be proud of, and thanks to the the ILWU and PMA, I am the final one of the 3 to get to that point. And this is why I love being a longshoreman. My mother that pushed us so hard doesn’t have to worry anymore about her kids, and I know that when the day comes that I have kids, I will be able to give them a better lifestyle and overall better quality of life. Thank God for this wonderful workplace.”

Note: The statement above represents the opinion of a ILWU Credit Union member. A few grammatical edits have been added to the post with the permission from the original author (i.e. Addition of punctuation marks and spelling corrections).

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