Answers and Reminders: ATMs

ILWUCU ATM on Broad Avenue, across the street from Local 13 Dispatch Hall.

Back in December, we asked our Facebook community one simple question: “How we can make the ILWU Credit Union better for you?” Plenty of great comments were received – a BIG thanks to all who participated. In order to address some of the main comments and issues, we’ve created several blog posts with helpful and relevant information. In the first part of this blog series, we will cover ATMs, their accessibility and check deposits. Let the sharing begin!

ILWU Credit Union ATMs
We have 4 ATMs in our office. Members also have access to the ATM on Broad Avenue – across from the Local 13 Dispatch Hall. Another ATM is located on Maersk Terminal (2500 Navy Way). All ATMs are fee-free for our members.

Other ATMs You Can Use (all fee-free)
ILWU Credit Union is part of the CO-OP Network. So what does this really mean? The CO-OP Network is created by and for credit unions, and their members – consider it a large exclusive club where members get to share and enjoy certain resources. In this situation, it is ATMs. All credit unions that are part of the CO-OP ATM Network can use each other’s ATMs without worrying about fees. The bonus: you (our members) have access to over 28,000 ATMs nationwide.

This bring me to the next point.

You can use the ATM locator online to search a CO-OP ATM near your area. If you’re mobile, you can access the ATM Locator through our Mobile Banking option by typing in: on your smartphone’s internet browser. If you have an iPhone, you can also use the CO-OP ATM Locator app. Other ways to find an ATM include texting a street address, zip code or “City State” to 692667. Text messaging rates may apply. You can also call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP for locations near you.

ATMs at Terminals
The reason we do not have other ILWUCU ATMs at terminals is due to security reasons. After adding an ATM at Maersk, Homeland Security became the main security authority at the terminals and ports. As a result, the ATM installation process (for us) has become very difficult. We are not opposed to the idea, but we would have to go through various agencies and departments to receive approval and security clearance for the installation and maintenance of a ILWUCU ATM. This point brings more attention to the next item.

ATMs at Union Halls
We would love to install a ILWU Credit Union ATM inside each union hall – the idea is practical and attainable. If you support the concept, we encourage you to share the idea with your union representative during your next union meeting or interaction. If you have additional or related suggestions, leave us a comment below.

Check Deposits Through ATMs
If you deposit a check at any one of our ATMs or a CO-OP ATM, it takes of minimum of three business days for those funds to become available in your account. However, if you make the deposit on a Thursday or Friday, it will take longer since we do not count weekends or holidays in this estimated time-frame. To expedite the process, you can give us a call so we may review the deposited check and see if the funds can be made available.

Quick Tip: The better option is to enroll in ILWU Credit Union Direct Deposit. Your PMA (or other) paycheck will be automatically deposited every Thursday* into an account of your choice (i.e. ILWUCU Free Checking), and your money will be available immediately.

Stay tuned for our next blog post in this series – more answers and knowledge to follow!

*Direct Deposit for companies other than PMA may vary on deposit day.

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