iProtect – you are protected

On April 1, 2011 we were proud to introduce iProtect, our Identity Theft Protection Program.

This fully managed identity recovery comes standard with your checking account. iProtect covers all types of identity theft, even if it is not related to your credit union accounts.  Here is what the program provides if you suspect identity theft:

  • A personal advocate to work your case
  • All three major credit bureau reports reviewed as part of your initial case assessment
  • Lost document rescue for lost, stolen or compromised personal credentials
  • Creation of law enforcement-grade case file
  • Free credit monitoring for 12 months
  • Assist with fraud alert placement
  • More importantly, peace of mind

That is why we have collaborated with one of the most trusted names in identity theft protection – to bring you id’s safe choice (iProtect), the most comprehensive solution available today.  This benefit provides you and your family – three generations – managed recovery services to restore your good name, should you ever have an identity theft event.

To learn about iProtect click here.


About the Author

Guillermo Jimenez I've been with the credit union for 7 years. I began as the Accounting Manager. Currently, I'm the Director of Marketing and Social Media.