I’m Here Because of the Credit Union

Monet Wade, Local 63

Monet Wade, Local 63 Union member and a 17 year Longshoreman, is a third generation Longshoreman. His father, mother and grandfather are, or were , Longshoremen. He is an example of the family, pride and unity that exist within the Longshore community. The Longshore community have earned certain privileges; one being the right to purchase a car without being hassled and haggled.

Recently, September 23rd to be exact, Monet attended ourĀ Three Day Auto Event to purchase a new car. The “only reason I considered buying a car was because the credit union was here”, stated Monet when asked. The support of our members is of utmost importance to ILWU Credit Union.

“I only get loans from [ILWU Credit Union]”, Monet told us, “you guys gave me a loan when nobody else would”.



About the Author

Guillermo Jimenez I've been with the credit union for 7 years. I began as the Accounting Manager. Currently, I'm the Director of Marketing and Social Media.