ILWU Credit Union Opens Broad Avenue ATM

New ATM on Broad Ave. across from the Charter 13 Dispatch Hall.

We are always listening to the needs and wants of our membership. Our intent is to listen and act upon their request. Whether it is improving our products and services or creating new and convenient ways of accessing their accounts.

On June 25, 2011, we opened the ATM on Broad Ave., across the street from the Local 13 Dispatch Hall. “Our new ATM exemplifies our commitment to transform our members’ experience and become a completely membership-focused financial institution”, said John Coleman, President of ILWU Credit Union. “It is also an example of our ongoing promise to leverage innovations with our members’ needs.”

As of today, our membership is delighted with the ATM on Broad Ave. “It makes it convenient for me to get money. I don’t have to find a 7-11 store or drive up to the credit union. It’s there and it’s easy”, stated Willie Dullard, Local 13.

Raul Gutierrez, Local 13 says, “It’s perfect! I have access to my account immediately after I get my assignment and [as a ILWU Credit Union] member I don’t get charged a fee.”

Today, member satisfaction is our utmost priority.


About the Author

Guillermo Jimenez I've been with the credit union for 7 years. I began as the Accounting Manager. Currently, I'm the Director of Marketing and Social Media.