A Crossroad in the Car Industry

The car industry has been on the spotlight since the economic crisis of 2007, the CAFE regulation which has forced cars to have a higher MPG, and the increase of competition on a global scale. Very few car manufacturers have gone through the last decade without any pains. Chevy and Dodge went bankrupt, and Ford was not too far on their tails. Toyota took a huge setback when it recalled millions of cars due to faulty brake components. Recently, the tsunami in Japan has forced Japanese carmakers to restrict manufacturing, not allowing them to hit yearly sales goals.

With these series of events, automakers are forced to either sink or swim. Some of the “confused” carmakers are being sold off and consolidated into larger companies – remember Pontiac and Saturn? The good news for us is only the biggest and best companies are left to rise from the ashes. Cars that have better fuel economy, more power, with more standard features (and all for less money) are now the norm. I have no idea how these companies are able to do this. Have car companies sandbagged research and development for the past decades or are they now cutting overhead? We don’t know for sure and most don’t care to know the answers. One thing is certain – we are now able to get more car for the money than ever before.

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Despite the rough patch the car industry has gone through, there is no better time to be a gear head. Foreign car companies are bringing the return of the front-engine rear-wheel sports car. Subaru and Toyota have teamed up and plan to unveil a low-end sports car in the near future. It is clear that car companies need to add value everywhere – more safety, better quality of materials, improved fit and finish. Look at Hyundai. They are now considered a competitor among the best luxury brands.

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